Monday, 11 August 2014

Changes - Personal Blog

There is a good reason for not posting much to my blog over the last couple of weeks. My life has been completely turned on it's head, and I am still getting used to it. It's not quite over yes. As I speak, there is a huge storm brewing outside and it is turning the sky a weird yellow colour in it's wake. Good job I love a good storm, eh?

The main thing that has changed for me is that my mum and I are moving out of my family home, where we have been for the last 18 years. It is the only home I have ever really known, and we are not even moving out together - mum is getting her own flat and I am moving in with my dad. It's a weird situation. It's a change that I have been wanting to happen for quite a while now - something to shake me up (Ooooh the rain has just started outside... ooh thunder too!) and to give me a bit of extra motivation. But it is also leaving the place I feel most safe behind me - for someone who suffers with anxiety it is especially difficult, but more on that later. It's a weird jumble of emotions that I haven't quite sorted through myself yet. There's a lot of excitement there, sadness, worry. I get on well with my dad and his partner, and my new little bedroom is really gorgeous. At the moment we are at the stage where about 75% of my things are moved in, but enough things are at home to make me constantly lose things and moving between the two houses. Over the next few days, we will have to make a lot of trips again to get everything else over here, and hopefully once that is done and mum is completely settled too, things will become a lot easier.

In terms of anxiety, the move has taken its toll a bit. Adding a bit of stress will always challenge me, but I feel like a real turning point has been made over the last few months, and I'm able to deal with it a whole lot easier. It doesn't stop me from doing anything, and it just something niggling at the back of my mind that I have to tame like a lion now and again. For now, it's all about realising that this kind of strain will have an effect on everyone who is in the same situation as me, and that it is completely and utterly normal to feel stressed and anxious when you are in the middle of moving house.

Enough of the <woe is me> anyway, I am aware that I am so incredibly lucky, and I am still in a really good position. (sideways rain has just begun now - eee storms how I love thee).

I feel that recently my photography has really started to grow and develop. I can see more and more my style emerging, and I am creating photos that I am technically proud of. I'm getting more new commission work from people, and I am now running my own little photography business and sorting out my taxes and what not for everything. It's getting there, bit by bit. I think I just want to keep photographing now - anything and everything. I just want to practise and learn and create.

As well as running the little business, I am also looking for a full time / part time job or internship to supplement me and to keep my busy and learning. No such luck yet, being a new graduate and all, but I'm confident that something good will come up soon.

Thanks for sticking with this post guys :) More soon, you can bet on that.

All the best,


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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Fisheye From London

My 21st Birthday Weekend

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

June and July Favourites

5 Seconds of Summer
I am listening to them right now, they're like an edge-ier (and better) One Direction. Their musical reminds me of my teenager years and it's so catchy and fun. I don't claim to be a super fan (only really listened to a couple of their songs on repeat) but It's a cool soundtrack for cleaning your room too or when you're trying to get some work done.

Janet Devlin - Running With Scissors
I've followed Janet for a while since she left the X Factor as I really liked her unique voice, and she's recently bought out a new album. I preferred her sining ballads so I was a bit disappointed at first, but it has become the album that I listen to most often at the moment. It's just beautiful and light and a perfect happy background soundtrack.

Modern Family
This was recently introduced to me by my friend George, and since watching Episode 1 I have been totally adoring it. I'm almost through with the first series, and I'm dreading when all the episodes available on Netflix comes to an end. It is so heart warming and completely hilarious. I've actually been laughing out loud which never happens from TV shows. I recommend it to everyone!

Gel Manicures!
Almost three weeks ago I had a gel manicure done at a salon that I had been gifted by a friend. My nails looks ah-mazing afterwards, I have never seen them look so glossy and perfect. The whole process of gel manicures is also very quick and extremely hassle free as they dry instantly. Now three weeks on and they still look as perfect - just with a bit of nail growth at the bottom. I am so in love with how good they look and how easy they are. Quite expensive, yes (£28?). But worth it when you don't have the time or the effort to paint your own a few times a week. Just make sure you get a colour that you like. Mine was called 'Winter Berries' by Jessica I think (?). After this comes off I think I will use some of my many nail varnishes for a while and then come right back and get another one of these babies.

I've known about it for years, but it always kind of got pushed to the back. A friend recently suggested it to me as a way to listen to musical theatre albums without buying them on iTunes first, and they have everyone on there that I have ever wanted. I am discovering some amazing new music - this is what my life has been missing! Seriously! It also has really great readymade playlists for different moods and occasions - even ones for studying to!

So my M&Ms addiction began in the The American Candy shop in Guildford when I discovered dark chocolate ones, and peanut butter ones. It then continued in London when I found another sweet shop that sold birthday cake and pretzel ones. It probably hit it's peak when I accidentally stumbled across the M&M world in London and filled one of there bags with about £7 worth of them within about 30 seconds. So worth it. I mean, they're a treat now, but gah - the blue crunchy ones are my ultimate favourite ever.

365 Photography
Since I have turned 21 I have been taking a photo every day - nothing to do with my professional photos or anything, just something I've done that day so I can look back in a few years and it can act like a diary. See it here.

Beauty Blender & Birch Box
For my birthday I was gifted a Birchbox <3 I think it was three months worth. I am so impressed with it so far! I've had glossybox before, and so far I prefer this little beauty. It comes in the most gorgeous little box, and the contents are also inside a birch box string bag too (which is perfect to carry around crochet projects! I was given a beauty blender in my first box, I've been wanting one for such a long time. First impressions (well, a week or two's constant use) is that I totally love it the results that it gives.

Photographing Wildlife
An area of photography that I've never done before, but would really like to get into. It's so relaxing and rewarding. It's also a lovely experience to stand in silence by a badger set as the sun sets with my nan and family.

2 Year Anniversary
And lastly, the most important. On Sunday 6th July Jack and I celebrated our second year together <3

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Reading Challenge 2014 - Half Year Progress!

This year, for the first year ever, I have challenged myself to read 25 books - so roughly around two a month. I love reading, but I feel like I spend too much time choosing a book, when I really could just be reading books to see if they are my kind of thing.

I've really enjoyed keeping a record on goodreads on what books I've completely, and it totally adds to that 'end of a book accomplishment' feeling you get!

It's now half way through the year so I'm doing a bit of a mid year review on how I've done with this reading challenge so far. I think I have done pretty much spot on what I wanted to achieve by this time! At 52% I am really super pleased with myself, and it hasn't been a challenge at all, it's just been really enjoyable to get lost in these new worlds.

The books that I have read are below, beginning with The 5th Wave.

As you can see, I'm a huge, HUGE fan of post apocalyptic novels, and most recently I have discovered the Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner (at the top) and also Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Also, I adore Jaqueline Wilson. Her stories are such amazing escapism, and reading them from an adult point of view makes them ten times better.

I have loved every single one of the books I've read this year, in particular Room, Amy and Roger's Epic Detour and The Scorch Trials (Book 2). I thoroughly recommend these books to you, and I would love to know if you have read them too.

You can find my GoodReads profile here, so let's be friends :)

Can you suggest what book I should read next?

Friday, 20 June 2014

Mini Break Make Up - What I'm Taking

As I mentioned in my last post, I am off to London this weekend! Therefore, I thought I would sneak in a little post about the make up I am taking with me, I always find these little posts quite interesting myself to read!

I'm trying to not take too much make up with me - I hate carrying around a big bag of make up, and I'd rather leave more room in my case for shopping!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Translucent
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10
Collection Concealer - Light
MUA Blusher in Marshmallow
Sleek Contour Kit
Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me
No.07 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Classic Rose
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Noir Excess
17 Super Liner in Black

The contour kit from Sleek will usually double up as my eyeshadow too if I'm feeling fancy!